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Intake24 is an open-source self-completed computerised dietary recall system based on multiple-pass 24-hour recall. The online system offers similar data quality to interviewer-led recalls at a significantly lower cost.

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This version is for Australia, if you have any comments please email support@intake24.com


Iterative Development of an Online Dietary Recall Tool: INTAKE24

Nutrients, 2017

Full text PDF | Journal page

Comparison of INTAKE24 (an Online 24-h Dietary Recall Tool) with Interviewer-Led 24-h Recall in 11–24 Year-Olds

Nutrients, 2016

Full text PDF | Journal page

Report on the Field testing the use of INTAKE24 in a sample of young people and adults living in Scotland

Food Standards Scotland, 2016

Full text PDF | FSS page

Report on the comparison of INTAKE24 compared with the interviewer-led recall method

Food Standards Agency, 2014

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